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We work to make a world in which infertility is no longer an impossible barrier. Together with clinics and fertility doctors worldwide, we investigate human reproduction to change the lives of couples who are trying to conceive.

niPOC - New non-invasive analysis of fetal DNA of miscarriage


How to prepare a healthy endometrium? sharing the experience through clinical cases


Igenomix Research

The prime reason for Igenomix is the translation of scientific knowledge to reproductive medicine in an evidence-based approach and provide solutions to professionals working in reproductive medicine.

niPOC: nueva aplicación del análisis no invasivo de ADN circulante fetal para abortos espontáneos

New Webinar!

EMBRACE: Our Journey from Clinical studies to Clinical cases

Curious to know what the future holds for genetic testing of embryos? 

Developing services to fulfil the needs of professionals and their patients.

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